Brand Story pt. 1: a personal style journey

Brand Story pt. 1: a personal style journey

I started developing my personal style from an early age. I would sit on the floor in my room and tear pages out of fashion magazines, carefully curating them into my own “style book” which was a plastic school binder that I had filled with sheet protectors to house my couture dream wardrobe.

Later, I pushed those dreams aside as I struggled with my body image, an issue exacerbated by my inability to find clothes that aligned with my style in my size. As I grew in my career and wanted to more confidently represent myself, I felt cheated by the fashion industry and the cheaply made, polyester options available to me.

Over the last eight years, I've run my own freelance business working with nonprofits helping them develop content and strategies to drive engagement. Excited by the mission-driven work of the nonprofit sector, I started thinking of ways to intersect my career experience and my love of design.

Owning my own business means a lot of working from home, but frequently popping out for meetings. I realized I hated changing into my mostly polyester work clothes every time I left the house. And after a pandemic spent mostly in loungewear, I was even more ready for a sophisticated wardrobe. Most plus size clothes are made out of polyester because the industry assumes plus size women are constantly trying to lose weight so their clothes need to be disposable. False.

Finding comfortable clothing that is work-appropriate, available beyond a size XL and made ethically/sustainably is like trying to find a unicorn.

I know I’m not the only person out there who wants to dress beautifully, comfortably and confidently. My dream now is to wake up every morning excited to be me, no matter what is on my schedule.

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x Britta

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