5 Ways to Elevate Your Style

5 Ways to Elevate Your Style

In my 30's now, I've developed more fashion confidence and expanded my sense of style. As I get older and refine my style more, I find the following are the defining characteristics of my ideal wardrobe and the driving force behind the first House of Stone collection.

Paris, je t'aime: I derive a lot of inspiration from French style. French women seem to make fashion look effortless and it's because they generally adhere to a couple of fundamental rules: they invest in lasting pieces, and swear by the fit and quality of materials instead of trends and labels. They also choose one statement piece or accessory to complete their signature look.

Ensembles are elemental: The right ensemble makes a powerful head-to-toe statement, and its separate pieces should be versatile team players with other pieces in your wardrobe.

Multiple ways to style: I like clothes that strike a good balance between classy and casual, so you can dress it up or down for a work day, dinner out, or a comfy night at home (because I want to feel glamorous all the time!)

Transitional: I don't know about you, but I don't change out my closet seasonally. Might be a consequence of living in the South. Sure, some pieces get moved to the side, but for the most part I love to wear clothes that transition through the seasons and can be layered or styled to fit whatever the weather.

It's okay to have a uniform: My older sister used to write down what she wore everyday in her calendar so that she wouldn't repeat outfits. That's a high standard to attain, but with a capsule wardrobe you can keep your look fresh by rotating through your collection of classics and pairing them with varying outerwear and accessories.

What's your style philosophy? Like what you read here? Stay tuned for our upcoming launch!


x Britta

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